Sharing Decoiler Machine

Suman Industries Decoilers also known as uncoilers, are designed and engineered for a smooth efficient unreeling of coil material into a cut to length line with a load capacity up to 10 ton. Our decoilers cater to nearly the entire market of sheet metal working, with a maximum width of 1550 mm which are universal and adapted to all kinds of coil widths.

Press Machine

Suman Industries A machine press is a machine tool that uses pressure to cut or shape pieces as part of a manufacturing process. Machine presses use a variety of means to apply pressure, including hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical, such as in the screw or rolling press. The particular type of machine press used may be dependent on the material to be shaped or cut, as well as the specifications of the end product.

Annealing Furnace

Suman Industries An annealing furnace is a piece of equipment used to heat a material at very high temperatures, to change its hardness and strength properties. Annealing is commonly associated with the manufacture of steel, to relieve internal stresses that may lead to failure in service and to produce a more uniform, or homogeneous, internal structure. This process is also commonly used with various metals, glass, and other materials to make them less brittle and more workable.

Corrugation Machine

Suman Industries These machines are used to cut & polish different metal sheets like steel, iron and galvanized aluminum. In order to manufacture high quality Sheet,we employ advanced machines and utilize quality tested material procured from the authentic vendors.